Siemens Gamesa Launches 10+ MW Offshore Wind Turbine

This week the wind power giant announced a new wind turbine that we have not had in the YOUWINd model calculations before. We used the day to analyse further this new product, calculate estimated technical parameters and price and then and compare this new turbine to its predecessors using Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm as an example.

According to the press release, the new turbine will have a 10MW generator and 193 rotor diameter with a direct drive technology which has been proven a great success. Also it is stated that the AEP output will be 30% higher than the previous models (without stating which model they are comparing it to though). With our YOUWINd model we did some analysis and tests of potential power curves for this new wind turbine and other ones SWP have produced in the past and compared the results. Our analysis shows how the technology over the last 10 years has evolved and how the latest wind turbine would have worked for the Walney Extension site that has the MVOW8.25MW-164 wind turbine and SWP7MW-154 wind turbines. 

YOUWINd can be used as a standard model to calculate AEP, efficiencies and losses and CAPEX, OPEX and financial results, but the users can also modify all the input parameters so that their own assumptions are used for the calculations, e.g. power curves, installation vessels and overall purchase prices. But this is how we calculated the business case of the SG 10.0-193 DD turbine.  

If the Walney Extension site would have been built with the latest model the overall LCOE would be 84,3 EUR/MWh, but would have been as high as almost 118 EUR/MWh with the 3,6MW-120 wind turbine that was installed at Anholt offshore wind farm. The comparison to the latest model of 8MW-167 shows also a big leap with this new technology. We anticipate though a heavier turbine with these new blades and generator but when you calculate the overall business case you can see the difference. You can also notice the difference in IRR values and CAPEX although we anticipate the OPEX being slightly higher. 

“The new SG 10.0-193 DD combines experiences and knowledge from five generations of proven direct drive technology in one 10 MW turbine. A showcase of strong performance, swift time-to-market, and low risk in the offshore wind energy market,” said Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Gamesa

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