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Youwind renewables is an engineering company that provides IT-solutions, consulting services and workshops for the Offshore Wind Industry. Our areas of expertise are early stage screening, development, budgeting and contract negotiations when designing offshore wind projects.


Youwind Renewables Accelerates Offshore Wind by merging engineering, finance and technology.

Thanks to our disruptive IT-systems, Youwind Model and OptiWindow, we succeed in placing powerful analytics to boost data-driven decision-making intuitively.

Also, we support companies to grow in offshore wind knowledge through our dynamics workshops.

IT Solutions.

Powerful analytics and intuitive usability merged with the launch of our IT-systems Youwind Model and Optiwindow. Made to disrupt the way development of offshore wind projects are conceived


Youwind new tools and features, early July 2023

In this article, we give an overview of the latest additions to the Youwind IT Platform: As always, you can write to to get further information or help from our offshore wind experts. Impact of soil conditions on foundation costing Youwind is now updated with engineering functions that adjust the weight of monopiles or […]

Youwind launches neighbouring wind parks in wake calculations, June 2023

Development Update – June 2023 It is summer! 🔅 So fire up the barbecue and invite the neighbours! Well, in the wind energy community, we know that having neighbours will bring some yield losses. 🌤️  This month we are adding the possibility to include neighbouring wind parks in your wake loss calculations! It is an […]

Youwind new tools and features, May 2023

Development Update – May 2023 We are happy to share with our users that the May updates include several exciting new tools and improvements for accelerating offshore wind park development: In this article, we will give an overview of these latest enhancements to our tools. All these features are now ready to be used in […]