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Youwind renewables is an engineering company that provides IT-solutions, consulting services and workshops for the Offshore Wind Industry. Our areas of expertise are early stage screening, development, budgeting and contract negotiations when designing offshore wind projects.





Youwind Renewables Accelerates Offshore Wind by merging engineering, finance and technology.

Thanks to our disruptive IT-systems, Youwind Model and OptiWindow, we succeed in placing powerful analytics to boost data-driven decision-making intuitively.

Also, we support companies to grow in offshore wind knowledge through our dynamics workshops.

IT Solutions.

Powerful analytics and intuitive usability merged with the launch of our IT-systems Youwind Model and Optiwindow. Made to disrupt the way development of offshore wind projects are conceived

Offshore wind farm development stages

Development is a challenging task and without doubt the most important one is to plan each production, cost and risk factor to its maximum before making the final investment decision on building an offshore wind farm. But how is it to get started in development? You start with evaluating at least these points to begin […]

New Danish offshore wind farm tenders opening

Last summer Belgium achieved a total of 1.775MW installed offshore wind capacity with the completion of Northwester 2 and therefore surpassed Denmark which has 1.703MW installed power. Both countries have wind farms that are to be completed by the end of 2020. Denmark has the goal of expand the offshore wind farm capacity by at […]

ITT for Round 4 in the UK has now opened

Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage 1 for Round 4 in the UK was opened last week. The Crown Estate offers this tender for leasing of seabed to wind the rights to 7GW of new projects in the waters around England and Wales.  Up to 2030 offshore wind will supply 33% of the total energy need […]